Bubbles, Children, Bubbles, Books, Snacks, Strollers…. the scene of our story time in the park!!

Today’s theme…. Upside Down Day with Orla and Pete the Cat jammin’ with the kids….Oonga Boonga and a whole lot of love!

Wednesdays at Kin Kanyon have been story time for the pre-k children of CrossRoads Kids! Today we had a few vistitors and several return visitors.. along with a few first time story goers.

What a beautiful day to enjoy silly stories and sing a few songs!  God made such a beautiful world!

If the K-6 CrossRoads Kids’ Ministry is a well-oiled machine, then the Team Leads are the gears that allow it to function smoothly. Anyone reading this that has not previously served with CrossRoads Kids might be wondering: what is a Team Lead? That is a fantastic question! Our children’s ministry is broken down into several divisions of roles. Our staff work throughout the week to prepare for the coming Sundays, and also work to ensure that our volunteer classroom leaders are set up for success. But between our staff and the classroom leaders exists a middle-man: our Team Leads! This small army of fantastic individuals communicate throughout the week with both the staff and also their team of classroom leaders.  Throughout the week they also pray for the children and the leaders; they take time out of their busy schedules to attend quarterly Team Lead meetings; and they help to recruit and equip new members of their team. On Sundays, they arrive early to greet, debrief and pray with their team, and then serve throughout the service by supervising children, working with the classroom leaders, and then hosting the children’s open session in the Theatre.

Basically, our Team Leads are superheroes. In fact, they are the very people that allow us, as a church, to grow. Without their hard work and dedication, the children’s ministry would not be able to swell and grow as our church body grows! As a result, we want to celebrate our Team Leads by introducing a few of them to you. They pour into our volunteers and kids—week after week—and that shouldn’t go unnoticed!

So, THANK YOU Team Leads, for all that you’ve done and continue to do at CrossRoads!

Spotlight in three of our Team Leads:

Jason H.

Jason is married to Tedra, and together they have four children—Naia, Neve, Lila, and Ewan. Jason has been a Team Lead for about four years, and enjoys being the go-to person for his leaders; when there is chaos or difficult situations, Jason likes to be the man to work out a solution! To anyone considering serving, or even Team Leading, Jason encourages:

You will get far more out this ministry than you put in. There is nothing more rewarding than sitting in church for baptism day and seeing past students give their lives to Christ. It’s a fun group and we get to worship God differently than in big church. There is more energy and movement—with just as much emotion, but great for those of us…who need to change it up every 10 minutes!

Sara M.

Sara is married to Mark, and together they have four children—Anna, Ian, Elliot, and Alistair. Sara watched her mother spend her life teaching, and under her mother’s influence she followed suit and has taught children “the story” her whole life. Sara’s favourite parts about serving as a Team Lead is the community that develops as a result of teaming together, and the joy of “imparting the story of hope and truth to kids”. When Sara was asked to share a story from a time that she was Team Leading, she responded with the following story:

There are several inappropriate funny ones that are good for camaraderie but one of the most touching scenes in the recent past I recall is that of seeing a sixth grade boy in a guided worship activity.  Even now in my memory, I can see the back of his head bowed, hands active washing symbolically in the basin provided, his heart engaged in the concept of God’s grace.  Just moments before, when I explained the activity, I was not at all sure kids were going to comprehend the depth and the symbol in the activity…and there the kids were in silence worshipping. We are all made for a relationship with God…no wonder Jesus said, “Let the little Children Come”.

Sara would encourage anyone who might be considering serving, or even Team Leading, by saying “If you are looking for a place to belong, participate and make a difference for all eternity, this is a good start.  For me, it is an honour and gives me significance to be part of changing the direction of a life for all time and eternity”.

Lisa P.

When Lisa was asked what the most rewarding part about being a Team Lead is to her, she replied, “The most rewarding part is being able to be a facilitator to help coordinate and lead curriculum that is full of God’s truth to the hundreds of boys and the girls that come through the doors every week”. Lisa and her husband have three children, and have been attending CrossRoads for about 12 years—4 of which she was a Team Lead! To anyone out there that might be considering Team Leading, as these wonderful volunteers do, Lisa also encourages you with these thoughts:

I would say if you are at all interested in serving please come talk to one of the team leads or the children’s ministry team. It’s such a great opportunity to work as a group, and to get God’s truth into the hearts of the little ones that are going to be the future world changers. You get great training, and every week there is a solid curriculum with everything laid out to do. Some people feel intimidated because they feel like they don’t know enough to teach the children. But that’s not true at all. The entire curriculum is very user-friendly. As long as you can read – you could easy facilitate the lessons!

CrossRoads Kids’ Team Leads are committed individuals, who are constantly growing themselves! Team Leads are also authentic—each Team Lead works a little bit differently, organizing and communicating in their own unique style. Our Team Leads are a winning team; as previously mentioned, they are the very individuals that allow the children’s ministry to grow, and function smoothly. Most importantly though, the Team Leads seek the Father’s heart, and impact the lives of CrossRoads’ children.


Team Lead Sara and Bailey

If you are interested in serving as a Team Lead, contact Karli at karlih@CrossRoadsChurch.ca

Written by: Karianne, CrossRoads K-6 Summer Ministry Assistant

Mother’s Day: the day we all either scramble to buy flowers, make a card, or step out of our way to show our mothers that we care—to show them that we appreciate all that they do for us the rest of the year. CrossRoads, in celebration of mothers, once again hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch. This brunch was a fantastic way for children and husbands to demonstrate their love for their mothers and wives, without needing to plan much themselves; because let’s just be honest, our moms plan most of our outings and events.

This year, however, the banquet was special—something set it apart from years past. The bar was raised, and everything was a step up from the previous functions. But why? Or how? As is customary, the brunch functioned as a fundraiser for CrossRoads’ youth camp, and thus is usually organized by someone in the youth realm. This year, the torch was passed on to a young lady interning in the youth wing: Nicole. As I’m sure that anyone who attended would agree, Nicole, you hit it out of the park!

I had the privilege of interviewing Nicole about her role as the main organizer of this grand event and thoroughly enjoyed hearing of the challenges she overcame, and also hearing of her heart for the youth camp. As this was the first time that Nicole took on a project of this breadth, she was challenged to figure out everything that needed to be done, and also had to learn how to delegate tasks and jobs to the youth and others involved. Unbeknownst to anyone attending the brunch, Nicole and team encountered a funny mishap after the first service: they ran out of coffee! As many people will agree, coffee is an integral part of the morning—especially at a breakfast or brunch! Nicole tackled the problem like a champ though; while more coffee was brewing, Nicole had her youth running around the church, filling their coffee carafes at random coffee stations around the church! Sorry Coffee Ministry people!

Nicole’s heart is for the youth camp, and since the brunch was simply a fundraiser for the camp, Nicole was ecstatic that the brunch was very well-attended.  Over 280 people attended between both services, and a total of $3500 was raised for youth camp! Incredibly, $1838 of these funds were from donations! These donations will go towards subsidies for youth who cannot afford to attend camp. Thank you donors!

As with any event of considerable size, this event was not pulled off without many hands; this particular event, however, was largely run by the youth that hope to attend the upcoming youth camp. This year, the CrossRoads youth partnered with the youth from Living Stones Church to host the Mother’s Day Brunch, as the two youth groups are joining forces for the upcoming youth camp. Nicole particularly enjoyed “seeing all the youth work together and bond” (Nicole) as they planned, organized, and executed the brunch fundraiser. The youth camp is anticipated as both a great time of fellowship, but also anticipated as a time of incredible God moments and “wins of seeing people give their lives to Christ” (Nicole).

Nicole explained to me that the heart of the youth camp is derived from a passage in Luke 5, when Jesus saw the faith of a paralytic’s friends—when they climbed through the roof to bring their friend to Jesus—and so healed the paralytic. Thus, local missions is at the root of youth camp; youth are encouraged to bring their friends to camp, reaching out, and depicting their faith—much like the paralytic’s friends.

Nicole; your role in planning this huge event is noteworthy, as seeing the accomplishments of a young woman like you is inspiring to other up-and-coming young leaders. Thank you for paving the way for the next group of young leaders!

If you see Nicole (pretty blonde in the photo above!) in the hallway at CrossRoads, stop for a minute and chat with her—she’s phenomenal!

Mother’s Day Brunch Photos:


Youth Camp Photos:



Written by: Karianne, CrossRoads K-6 Summer Ministry Assistant

I am soooo  thankful for the many serves that consistently show up to serve our “littles” of CrossRoads Kids!! A serve can be anyone,  some one that has their own child, or is a single adult, or is a senior or grandparent, and enjoys blessing… which gives them joy in serving the Lord!  We are heading into the summer and will be looking for would like to fill in for those that usually are on board! The skills you need for helping are a love for Jesus and energy to serve!  We are also looking for new people for the fall!  Many of our serves will follow their last child upstairs to K – 6! Our area is quite fluid with many families adding another precious gift to their families and  those that are graduating with their children to the K-6 area.

In Pre-K we have been hearing Bible stories about how “God’s Got It”!!

Yes… He’s Got It… and we are counting on many people joining us!!

I love what Pastor Dan said… God wants to be our friend!  Our “littles” need you to be their friend… it is a relationship! Please let me know if you are interested in becoming part of an awesome team!

Pastor Tammy



What do you get when 33  women and their 44 children gather to eat pie together?  You get the Let’s Talk community of women! Today we celebrated pie day a few days late!(since when do young moms get to celebrate anything on time…) Apple, Pecan, Cherry, Pumpkin and Banana Cream were the choices… yummy pie!  This is a growing community in our church!  Out of these 30 women… 5 more babies are expected!  CrossRoads is a church that loves family… loves children and celebrates new births!!

What do you get when you put 20 mommies, 1 grandma and  20 babies all in the same room? Meet and Greet!  We gathered at 7pm and enjoyed sharing our birthing stories and some snacks!!   We had a baby that was only 3 days old!  We tried to take a pic of them all… I believe we missed 2… so here ya go!


Young families are growing at CrossRoads!!

img_2790Faith At Home Fun!!!img_2798img_2800 img_2801On Sunday the chapel was buzzing with hammers, sandpaper and prayer! Children born in 2013 gathered with their parents and a few with their grandparents to make a take home item that would help each family to PRAY!

The hope of the event is to inspire our parents to pray with their families.  Parents carefully put together a sturdy wooden frame, added rings and made sure there were no rough edges!  The rings are for pictures of people you want to pray for! So many of us get announcements for babies, weddings etc. Instead of plastering the fridge with them.. they can be hole punched and placed on the prayer Rolodex for prayer!  Hope you enjoy just a few pics of the 30 families that participated!


On Saturday,  January 21st, over 140 gathered to be appreciated and loved!  We had our “Thank you Theatre”!  In Pre-K and Infant Care we have several serves that make our CrossRoads Kids the place to be on Sunday mornings and Sunday Evening!    Families gathered for a movie, popcorn, candy and Pop!  The bean bags from the Youth Building were chosen for a comfy viewing spot!! Thanks again to our “Serves”… you make our CrossRoads Kids Great!

img_2711-002 img_2714 img_2716 Loads of fun in the chapel!


We have a well kept secret here at CrossRoads! It’s called “Let’s Talk”.  A group of mamas, their coffees and lattes, their children in tow…. all dressed in whatever they can muster for the morning… some showered.. some not… All gather to talk and discuss life… kids… food… sleep and lack there of… birth stories.. etc.!

We meet on Friday mornings by 10am for this awesome time to connect!  The actual time  is 9:30 to 11… we do not judge!  I took a few good shots today.. and thought I would share…Pray for the young families of our church! Pray for the marriages of our church! Come and join us if you want a blessing!



Pastor Tammy xo


On Saturday, December 3rd, we had our first ever babysitters course taught by Kelvin Singh.  Eleven young people gathered to learn all about being equipped and educated babysitters.  Kelvin was the awesome instructor and he had very keen learners. Take a peek into some of the learnings….

img_2314 img_2307 img_2312img_2310

Preparing for their Future!!!