THIS Sunday, September 14th, children coming to CrossRoads Kids will experience many new beginnings as they move up a grade to their NEW class. We will also be going back to the beginning of “The Big God Story.”  The chronological curriculum we use (called “Tru“) takes us from Genesis to Revelation each year, highlighting different Truths as we journey through the Bible!  Children are taught how God is the main “character” in each piece of this incredible, true story (rather than, say, David in the story of “David and Goliath”).  They also learn that they play a part in “The Big God Story” and are part of a much larger faith community.

We are excited to begin this new year at CrossRoads Kids, but we know that our Sunday program is only a small part of a child’s spiritual formation. YOU, parents and guardians, are the primary influencers of your child’s faith journey. We will eagerly partner with you as you raise your child to know Jesus.  HomeFront Weekly (given out on Sunday) and the HomeFront Magazine are excellent resources we hope you find useful. Each grade will also have a Faith at Home event this year, starting with Grade 1 this Sunday!  We also ask that all parents/guardians serve as a Parent Volunteer twice every 4 months or consider joining a Serve Team (classroom leaders who serve 2 times per month… we always need loving people to serve!)

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