A week ago my kids asked if they could build a raft and float it on our pond. I said, “I don’t think it’s a good idea; it’s cold out, the pond is dangerous, and I don’t think your raft will float. Maybe we can borrow a canoe some day.” Satisfied that my wisdom had been received I left for work.

Next day. “Dad, come to the quonset and see the raft we built,” they say. I say, “I thought we talked about this. I’m not very excited about this raft idea.” They say, ” Do you like our raft?”

Next day. “Dad can you help us carry the raft to the pond?” they say. I say, “No, because I told you that’s not a very good idea.”

Next day and a day off work for me. “Dad, can you come watch us float our raft at the pond? Mom says you need to be there for safety,” they say. I say, “How are you going to get your raft down there?” “It’s already down there, we have life jackets, now let’s go,” they say. “OK,” I say.

Their raft floated, they didn’t flip, they had a good time, and every one came home safe and relatively dry. I was wrong.

I deeply admire and am inspired by their determination. The people I live with reminded me of the value of working hard for what you want and knowing how to convince others to go along with your idea. I learn a lot from my family.


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