Have You Checked the Church Lost and Found Lately?

“Ok, pull up a chair everyone. It’s time to begin the first support meeting for the CrossRoads Church Lost and Found Items. Everything here is owned by a person who attended a church event and has been sadly left behind. Friendly facility staff members have rescued us from under chairs, from behind doors, and from pews and placed us here together – in the Lost and Found drawers.”


“Bible, why don’t you start?”

“I have notes and bulletins and all sorts of other wonderful personal details tucked inside, except my owner didn’t put their name in me. My owner brought me to church, and I worry that the reason they aren’t looking for me is because they don’t even know I’m missing?! Or if they do, am I easily replaced?”

“Spring hoodie, do you feel the same?”

“Kinda, yes. I might not be brand new anymore, and maybe I might have been getting a little small, but I’ve got a lot of life left in me!  I really thought I was their favourite!”

“Mismatched mitts … how are you coping with life in the bottom of the drawer?”

lost mitt

“No one ever gives me a second look. I mean, who wants just one mitt? Sock, you know what I mean, right? But my mate is out there! Waiting for me … I hope.”

“Ok, I know it’s hard, everyone. It’s cramped and crummy and a little bit smelly – but I heard the people that work here are going to put a reminder on their website for people to come check the Lost and Found drawers for us!  I understand that sometimes people lose things but don’t remember where they lost them!  I am sure that if they came to look they’d be surprised what they’d find!”

Things like:

Keys, socks, coats – lots of coats – kids blankets, toys, books, sippy cups, to-go mugs, glasses, ball caps, Bibles, notebooks etc…

We would love to reunite those poor lost items with their rightful owners.  You can find the Lost and Found drawers in the main foyer hallway – underneath the bulletin board!

On November 3rd, our janitorial staff will be bundling them up and taking them to Bibles for Missions to find new owners. 

Lost Hats

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