56ers Corn Maze Recap

On October 9th the 56ers had an awesome time at the Lacombe Corn Maze. The kids in grades 5 and 6 brought one or both parents, and we had a great potluck meal with a wide variety of food and lots of leftovers. After we ate, the kids went and played in the amazing courtyard while Pastor Brenda Boyce led a parent meeting. She gave us lots of great information about the group and upcoming events, and also allowed for the parents to give feedback and to volunteer to support and help with some of those upcoming events. Brenda also shared her heart about her love for the kids and her desire to help us as parents to equip our children to know and love God and live for Him.


After the meeting we all got split up into smaller groups and went into the corn maze. The kids had a great time trying to figure out the clues along the three different levels of mazes and a hard time staying on the designated trails. Some 56ers had lots of fun as it got darker, hiding in the trails and scaring each other. Eventually it got really dark and it was time to go, but the hot chocolate was still hot and lots to go around. I just want to thank all those who helped to put this event together namely: Giselle Kutrowski, Brenda Boyce and Melissa Kooiker.


Jaqi Tiechroeb

(A 56er Parent)

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