Our First Few Weeks In Our New Home!!

God is moving at CrossRoads! With the opening of the new youth wing our horizons are exploding. I don’t know who else found themselves wishing they were 14 again while walking through the new youth center, but I know I did. Wandering through those halls I pictured my 14-year-old self shooting hoops in the mini basketball room, gathering some friends for a round of foosball or ping-pong, or spending hours being a monkey in the climbing wall room. It’s a great time to be a teen at CrossRoads!

I was only involved a little bit in the bringing together of this building, but it was exciting to see rooms start to come together as Ikea furniture poured in and people united to bring the wing to life. It was fun to walk through the rooms, to travel up and down the many towers and stairwells, and to imagine what it would look like to have this building full of teens. Fast forward a few weeks and let me tell you, having the youth in this space is incredible!

This center offers them a place to grow in relationship with God and with each other. Sometimes growing up can be hard, but this space offers an escape, and a place to have fun with people who genuinely care. That’s been our theme at Wired… caring. We need to care about each other, we need to care about this building we’ve been blessed with and we need to care about the other teens in Central Alberta who also need a place where they feel safe… a place where they feel they belong.

Currently we’re running both Wired (Jr. High) and Crosswalk (Sr. High) youth groups from the center, but soon we’ll be hosting drop-in nights for any and all youth of Central Alberta to come enjoy the facilities. Affinity groups will also be starting up to further encourage our youth to make connections. These groups will meet Sunday afternoons and will have specific focuses such as cooking, photography, art and basketball.

This new center gives us new opportunities to reach out to the teens in our area, and it’s so exciting to see how God’s working it all out. I’m so blessed to be a part of God’s work here at CrossRoads! The thing is, you don’t have to go back to being 14 again to come hang out in the new center. There are opportunities for you to join our team! You can email me at youthgroup789@crossroadschurch.ca for more details if you’re interested in playing a part in these teens’ lives.

Here’s a glimpse into our first few weeks in the center!



Shooting some hoops in the basketball room!


Our numbers are hovering around 100 teens every Wired… lots of youth, lots of excitement!


Rock climbing is always a fun way to spend an evening!


Chillin’ in the center with good friends!


He shoots… he scores!!!

IMG_3718 IMG_3726 IMG_3745

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