Resources for Talking About God’s Big Story as a Family

Pastor Dan’s sermon “Home” in the “Not By Bread Alone” series is available here.

This week at church we learned the importance of answering children’s questions, telling God’s story, and telling it over and over again! Pastor Dan also interviewed Pastor Brenda and Pastor Tammy, our children’s pastors here at CrossRoads. They mentioned some great resources for families, so I thought I’d post them again here, along with a few others.

* First of all, I want to share the link to the “Drama of Scripture” sermon series Pastor Dan mentioned in his sermon. It’s an overview of all of the Bible, in case you want to know more about God’s story for yourself.


* Our CrossRoads Kids (K-6) use the Tru curriculum each week. Like Pastor Brenda mentioned, this curriculum takes kids through the entire Bible — the Big God Story — each year. One of the cool features of Tru is that they offer a Homefront devotional for parents get each week. At CrossRoads, parents can pick one up each week, and it will provide information on next week’s lesson so that you can spend a bit of time pre-teaching the kids. You will know the coming week’s Ponder Point (focus of the lesson) and Scripture passage, and can chat with your kids and follow up with them! There’s also the monthly Homefront Magazine which is a great resource for parents. Each issue includes articles, recipes, tips and lots more useful information. You can download the free Homefront app for your phone, or you can go here to get the free version, or subscribe to get a print version mailed to you. You can also pick up black-and-white copies up at CrossRoads Kids each month!


* Our early childhood kids (birth-pre-k) use the Orange curriculum for the little ones. They learn that God loves them, God made them, and that Jesus wants to be their forever friend. We offer the Parent Cue so parents know the memory verse, a key question, the basic truth the little ones are learning, and some of the upcoming lessons!

* One of the best ways I learned about the Bible when I was really young was by listening to cassette tapes (that’s right, cassette tapes) of Psalty the Singing Songbook. I would sing along and learn Bible verses at the same time — songs help us memorize! That’s why we’re really excited that CrossRoads Kids and our Worship Arts released the Walkin’ in the Light CD! Kids can sing along and learn truths about God all at once. It’s available for download here, or you can buy a hard copy at the Compass on Sundays.


* As much as I love talking about the Bible, I still struggle to read it consistently sometimes. But I’ve discovered an awesome resource that has really energized me when it comes to reading the Scripture. It’s called The Books of the Bible; it’s an NIV Bible but with all the chapter and verse markings taken out. I love it!


My husband Andrew and I are leading a small group this fall, and we’re all reading through the entire New Testament together using this Bible. It’s cool because we read in big chunks, and it helps us to see the whole story how it was originally written. (Chapter and verse markings weren’t added to the Bible until sometime in the 1400s.) Andrew and I read it aloud to each other, and then we get together with our small group to discuss what we’ve noticed. It’s amazing what stands out to us when we don’t have a little subheading telling us what the next section is about! The Books of the Bible comes in four volumes — Covenant History, Prophets, Writings (coming soon), and the New Testament.

* What other resources or activities have been helpful in your family?

Hopefully these resources will be useful tools for you and your family as you ask questions, tell God’s story, and talk about it over and over again!

Pastor Denise

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