The Annual Daddy Daughter Date Night Is Coming Up!

2014 daddy daughter date night

We anticipate 30+couples of daddies with their daughters coming to our event! Last year included making a craft, decorating cupcakes and dancing the Hokey Pokey! The relationship between a daddy and his little girl is so special. This is just a little slice of glorious relationship-building! I encourage dads to come and bring their special daughter. I also would invite those grandpas, foster dads, uncles, etc. that are presently in the role of a father!

To top it all off…you will have a picture to celebrate and remember your wonderful evening! See you there!

Pastor Tammy

2 Comments on “The Annual Daddy Daughter Date Night Is Coming Up!

  1. Julianna had so much fun last year and out of the blue (couple weeks before the flyers went up at church) she started asking when the next one would be. I was surprised to see the posters at church, it was like she knew it was coming up! Was just wondering if they do a daddy-daughter date night for the K-4 girls? She’s 5 now and I haven’t told her she’s too old yet, was hoping I would be able to tell her that there will be one for her age soon.

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