The 4th Annual Daddy Daughter Date night…a night to remember…

The evening of November 17, 2014 will be a night to remember for 37 Daddies and 41 little princesses.

In the setting of glowing pink lights and sparkly “Princess” centerpieces our Daddies and daughters were able to spend some special time together.  They had the opportunity to decorate a fancy tote bag, color, play Pictionary and build castles out of duplo blocks.  From their personalized tote bags to their princess outfits glitter and bling covered the CrossRoads Chapel. IMG_0011

The couples also popped into the photo booth taking formal and silly pictures.  Daddies and Daughters were all smiles as they both modelled Tiaras, crazy glasses and feather boas. IMG_0338IMG_0079IMG_0058IMG_0075

The couples then moved to the dance floor and to the music of Dave Grobe, they danced and they danced.  Their favorites were the Hokey-Pokey, The Chicken dance, The Twist and the slow dance with Daddy.    IMG_0439IMG_0421IMG_0419

To finish the evening off, Daddies and Daughters created their own Banana Splits with many different toppings.

It was a great evening and it was hard to tell who was enjoying themselves more…The Daddies or the Daughters.

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