Is it Spring Yet?


It’s January, folks. It gets dark pretty early. The weather has a personality conflict every week or so. Christmas bills have arrived and your shovel just broke from too many passes on the driveway. The kids are back in school, you are back at work and everyone has stopped wishing you Happy Holidays.

What you need is another break; a day between Christmas and Easter that gives you a chance to remember why you chose to live in Alberta in the first place. The Alberta Government thinks you should take some time off too which is why they enacted the Family Day Act almost 25 year ago. In the debate in the legislature, one MP (Norm Weiss from Fort McMurray) mused that perhaps one day there would be greeting cards exchanged on this day. Thankfully, the greeting card companies have not monopolized on this idea.

The main idea behind Family Day is for people to be able to take a moment to breathe and spend some unrushed time with their families during the final months of winter. In a small way, what God gave us His blessing to do once a week, the government has sanctioned once a year.  Family Day is like a once a year Sabbath. (Kind of.)  A day for slowing down, finding some margin and enjoying the folks you work so hard to feed, clothe and shelter.

So, instead of sending you a greeting card, Family Ministries wants to invite you all to come down to Bower Ponds with whomever you call “Family” on February 16th. Our Waldos will be on the ice from 1 – 4 pm ready to give any kiddo who finds them a chance to win some cool prizes

But, you don’t have to come. I mean, that driveway isn’t going to shovel itself.  But since your shovel is broken you can’t shovel anyway.  And the cookies and hot chocolate are free so there will be money in the budget to buy a new one.

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