Faith at Home: Grade 2

by Brenda Boyce, Pastor to K-6 Families

Family time, date time, and presents to take home — we had a great time during our Grade 2 Faith at Home!

Tiechroeb Taneal Dan and Jaqi

While the kids went in the hall to play a fun game, parents had a bit of time to discuss with their spouse or another parent, “How can we create an environment at home where our kids learn about and hear from Jesus?” and “What can we do as a family to walk alongside the Holy Spirit?”. Then the children returned, families chose from an assortment of devotional books and calendars with stickers for keeping track, and spent family time reading a devotion together and planning/praying for their family. We also got to hear great ideas about how the Tiechroeb family makes their family devotions age-suitable for 4 children!

Steeves Jack Brad and Julie 2

A poem shared some of God’s words and encouragement:

Pastor Bren: This is I Am (point to God)

I Am wants daily time with the fam


Puppet (Mrs. Jaqi): We cannot do this with I am

We cannot, do not. Sorry Ma’am


In the Bible it does say

Teach them young. They will not stray


We do not have the time to teach

Between hockey, dance class and the beach


Could you teach them in your home?

Could show Him as you roam?


I could not do that here nor there

I could do that anywhere


Would you as you close your eyes?

Or in the morning when you rise?


I do not feel I have the skill

Mess them up I think I will


Oh no – oh no – you shall not fear

The Holy Spirit will appear

He will cover all your lack

The good Lord has got your back


I do not have the time it takes

I am afraid to make mistakes


You can read them from a book

You can drive and have a look

God is everywhere you see

Creation’s full of His beauty


I worry that I’ll get it wrong (pause)

Maybe with music and a song?


Music and some songs — how smart!

The words will sink into their heart

God will give you what you need

The Bible’s full of words to heed


I can tell them in a boat

On a train or in the rain?


You can read them here or there.

Talk about Him anywhere


As you stand, or lying down

While at home or on the town

Love the Lord your God. Yes, do

Share this with your children, you


I will teach them lying down

I will teach on the town

I can tell them here or there

I can tell them anywhere


Take the time and tell His glory

Of how He’s working in your story


I will do as He has asked

God’s charge to me I will heed fast.

 Tuton Sabrina and Angel 2

Gessleman Brenden James and Angela

Bonus: Look on the CrossRoads website under K4/56ers and you will find a HomeFront link where you can access a FREE devotional that will introduce the story your children will be learning about on Sunday, every week! That way you, as parents, can introduce the Bible to your children each week, and we can support what you are doing as a family.

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