Gearing up for YCAB 2015


CrossRoads Senior High Youth Group will be travelling to Rexall Place in Edmonton again this year to take part in YCAB2015. This is an amazing youth conference, with far-reaching impact, both locally and globally.

A few of our students have shared about their YC experience below:

Josh: YC has amazing speakers with messages that really touch the heart and leave you with encouragement that lasts. The time to hang out and grow closer friendships is also awesome, pizza parties at the church we stay at, and fun games on the bus ride home are also highlights for me.

Nate: YC is always a big highlight of my year because of the time spent together in close proximity with other youth and youth leaders. The concerts are always entertaining, the speakers are inspirational, and the atmosphere is electric! Also, the times traveling through Edmonton for lunch and supper are good times.

Jaydin: The times of worship, the concerts, the booths and good times with friends is incredible. But I really appreciate that you meet with Jesus there and you grow in your faith.

Nicole: They have amazing speakers and amazing times of worship!!

Dallas: Even though I’ve only attended as an adult, I am blown away by how much God uses this weekend – the speakers and worship – to increase faith. It is also an incredible experience to hear and experience times of worship with so many great and well-known Christian bands.

As of right now, our YC tickets are sold out and our bus is PACKED with High School Students ready to encounter Jesus this coming May 22-24.

If you’d like to know more about YCAB 2015 please check out their website

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