Pre-K Fun for Spring!

Playdough is one of the cheapest things to make!  Enjoy making a bird nest with your child!

1. Roll a ball

2. Push your thumbs in the middle and start pinching to make a nest

3. Make some eggs for your nest


Then… count them… are they big or small? How many eggs would a real bird lay?

This can open up a whole world of nature for your child… where do birds build their nests? What are some different types of birds? Take a trip to Kerry Wood Nature Center and try to see some birds!(take your binoculars) You can brainstorm other things to do…….

Bring all this together: Matthew 6:26, “Look at the birds.  They don’t need to plant or harvest or put food in barns because your heavenly Father feeds them.  And you are far more valuable to him than they are.”

I am special, my heavenly Father loves me, and he cares for the birds too!!!

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