Enrich your Marriage at the Marriage Enrichment Weekend

What is The Marriage Enrichment Weekend?

It is a time when a couple can be alone together, free from distractions, to share their hopes, joys, fears and frustrations.  The weekend allows a couple to discover the personal strengths in their relationship that enables them to look to the future with courage. It is a common sense approach that helps couples see where their relationship could and should be through communication.  Marriage Enrichment is not a retreat, marriage counselling or sensitivity course.

Marriage Enrichment is a positive, personal experience for couples to learn a technique for loving communication that can be used for the rest of their lives.

A safe atmosphere is created in which the couple can concentrate exclusively on one another.  The weekend is presented by a team of trained lay couples who have all experienced the weekend themselves.  These couples are not trained counselors, but share their own experiences and deal with issues important to all marriages.

After each presentation, the husband and wife discuss their personal reflections in the privacy of their room Marriage Enrichment starts with the love you have for each other and helps you build, expand and deepen that relationship.  The weekend shows you a way to do this and provides you with the means.

Through safe, healthy communication, every couple can gain insights, tools and confidence to continue building their love for one another.  This weekend can provide one of the most significant experiences of a couple’s life together.

The rest is up to you!

For more information please call Lyn Johnson at 403.347.7406 or email at john7@telus.net

Already know you’d like to attend?  Register here!!!

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