The First Faces

The sun slowly rises on a Sunday morning, you are welcomed by the pitter patter of tiny feet down the hallway and the sound of your door slowly opening as little hands reach through the doorway and head to your bed. Your precious children are awake and ready to head to church, and they do not intend to leave you behind.


Long before you make breakfast and share these waking moments with your children, preparations are underway to provide you a wonderful experience when you get to church and check your children in. Setup of Kidcheck stations begin and prayers are raised for you and your family, even if you’ve never been to church before.

The CrossRoads Kids Welcome Team is made up of servant hearts who join on Sunday mornings to welcome you to church, catch up on the past week in your household, ensure you are confident in check-in in your children to Kids Church, help direct you to your child(ren)’s classroom(s) and to the sanctuary. In all of this they are constantly seeking to improve your experience at church and help you encounter our living, breathing God and friend – Jesus Christ.

chantelleMy name is Chantelle and I am one of the TiRo students at CrossRoads Church. I have had the privilege of working alongside the staff in Family Ministries. Over the last four months, I was assigned to work with Dallas Smith, coordinator of CrossRoads Kids Welcome Team. My role was to help this ministry to continue to excel, going from good to great.  One of the highlights of my time was, on March 12th, when I helped organize an evening of training for this Welcome Team.  The evening started off with delicious snacks and tons of laughs as the volunteers participated in interactive dramas. Next, Dallas and I shared about the heart of this ministry and how valuable each volunteer is. We are very grateful for the excellent team of people God has orchestrated to serve in this ministry. The evening ended with a special message from a guest speaker, Donna Boone, who has been involved in kids ministry around the world for over 30 years. She has experienced, first hand, poor and great church hospitality. From her experiences, she had many insightful tips to share with the volunteers.

acting pair acting

The Kids Welcome Team volunteers have a mighty responsibility for they are often the very first faces that families see as they come into church. CrossRoads church’s vision is to give everyone in Central Alberta an opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and by following Him, compassionately impact our world. Each volunteer serves an important role in seeing this vision fulfilled.  We desire to equip and encourage the volunteers as they serve diligently each month.

Currently, we are looking for more volunteers who would be willing to join this impactful ministry. The Kids Welcome Team is only a one-two hour serve commitment each month. If you would like to learn more about this ministry or how you can be part of this ministry, please email:

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