The Marriage Enrichment Weekend: Baggage, Blessings and Milestones


Lyn and Al’s Story:

Last March my husband and I took all our kids and grandchildren to Hawaii to celebrate some Milestone Birthdays and Anniversaries.

I was sitting at the beach one day, watching everyone laugh and enjoying just being with each other and realized how blessed I was to have my whole family here with me.  It struck me at that moment, that if Al and I had not gone to our Marriage Enrichment Weekend so many years ago, we probably would not be here “celebrating” with our family today.

At that time, our marriage was falling apart and we did not know how to put it back together again or if we even “wanted” to.  Where do we start??  The weekend gave us the opportunity to take a close look at ourselves and realize that we had both brought some major “baggage” into the marriage that we hadn’t even thought about and had definitely not dealt with.  It helped us take a look at some things that we had avoided talking about and in doing so, brought us closer together.

Our marriage didn’t get better “overnight”, but the Marriage Weekend gave us the tools and the desire to make changes – changes that resulted in us celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary this summer.

We pray that other couples will take the opportunity that the Marriage Enrichment Weekend provides to enhance their marriage; and draw closer together on their marriage journey.

Keren and Vince’s Story:


When we first got married, a wise person told us, that, much like professional athletes still use coaches, in order to have a strong, healthy marriage, it is beneficial to dedicate a weekend every year or two to our marriage.

The Marriage Enrichment Weekend was a wonderful experience for us. We found the presenting couples friendly, open, honest, and encouraging.  The presenting couples were willing to share experiences from their own marriages, and they were very approachable.  This weekend is packed full of tools, which we have used ever since, to strengthen our marriage.  The weekend was full of pleasant surprises, and dedicated alone time to focus on just the two of us and our relationship.  Much like an oil change for our car, this weekend was a maintenance time for our marriage.

One of our big take aways from the weekend was an effective way to communicate.  We have recommended this course since we took it to anyone we know who is married.

Great advice from some fantastic couples…

Register here to join them on this wonderful weekend.  Have you already been on the Enrichment Weekend?  Why not tell us YOUR story!  

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