Pre-K Fun! (Car rides will never be the same!)

How many of you take several car rides a day with your kidlets?  Let’s do some learning through play!! Take a little trip in your car and just to take photos! Take photos of landmarks, signs, buildings, statues,  restaurants, rivers, billboards and more! (Mom or Dad can do this)  Now,  you need to print off your pics and place them on a stiff piece of cardboard and laminate.    Attach a string with a dry erase marker.  As you are driving in the car… let your children look for the different items on their boards! They can circle, put X’s on them or whatever…. make sure all the boards are different, make a few!  Now that you have done this, you can expand the learnings.  Ask… Who, What, Where and Why questions! Also, get some phonetics in there, McDonald’s starts with the “m” sound, what other things start with the “m” sound?  The many learnings are endless….

have fun with this!


P.S.                                                                                                              if the photo taking is too much for you…. you can always go online and download some boards as well!!

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