Marriage Enrichment Weekend: Darin and Sheila’s Story

We attended the Marriage Enrichment Weekend two years ago. We were still newly weds at the time. Married only one year. Being of a more mature age, aka entering our 50s, we were becoming set in our ways. We still had not experienced different struggles that a couple can face in a new marriage.

The weekend gave us an opportunity to practice the skills the facilitators showed us. They did a wonderful job of bringing forth different scenarios that can occur in a marriage. And we now have a tool box full of tools to help us communicate our needs and feelings in a way that is respectful and loving. In doing so, we learned so much more about each other and found a deeper level of love and respect for each other.
We enjoyed each other’s company and being able to meet other couples who have the same desire as us … to have a strong and fulfilling marriage.

We have recommended the weekend to others as way of getting to know your spouse AGAIN. It’s surprising how life allows those embers to cool. This is a great way to fan those flames!!

We will definitely look at doing another weekend!!

Darin & Sheila Cloutier

This is the last week to register for the Marriage Enrichment Weekend, June 12-14. Sign up now!

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