One Weekend, 29 Boys and a Thousand Eggs

Ever wonder what happens when a bunch of junior high boys run rampant in the youth center for a weekend?

This past weekend the guys had their first ever boys retreat. Glow in the dark dodgeball, Nerf wars and video games on the big screen were only a few of the highlights from the weekend. In between the playing, the boys spent some time watching a Francis Chan video series called “Surrender”. The videos called them to live a life where stuff, status, sin and self are all in surrender to Jesus. Small group times offered the teens a chance to connect with one another and challenged them to make the weekend’s lessons more personal.

DSC_0081 It was an incredible, jam packed weekend, but the event that really had everyone talking was the ginormous egg fight. Over 1000 eggs were brought in for the boys’ throwing pleasure. Not a single soul wasn’t covered head to toe in ooey gooey yolk. It was an all out egg fight, complete with a slip n’ slide on an egg-ified tarp. It was definitely a night these boys won’t soon forget!

DSC_0175  DSC_0160DSC_0150 DSC_0168Thanks to Keegan, Justin and the other male youth leaders for putting on an awesome weekend for our junior high boys!

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