Love In Action: what “being the church” might look like

Tonight I witnessed some people not only supporting our daughter in her journey, but speaking to her heart and subsequently, our family’s heart, about being unashamed of our ailments, our struggles and our challenges.

McKinley has been having problems with her joints, especially her feet lately. She made a passing comment last week about how she feels embarrassed to wear running shoes (even though they support her feet the best) with her dresses/skirts at church, so she wears jeans.

As we show up tonight at the evening service, not only do most of the leaders and children’s pastor have runners with their dresses, but her one and only male leader went to VV and got a long skirt that he wore with sneakers too. 

I saw a beautiful picture of what true community, and support looks like- runners with skirts and all.

So truly thankful for the gift of people.

– CrossRoads Mom, Lisa Penninga

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