My Dad has a Hat!

photo (5)

Just a couple of little boys in their dads’  hats… you would think that this would not be such a big deal.  The door opened and in came two of the cutest little guys with these big hats on…. proudly one says… Peterbilt! Smiles a plenty… and pointing to their hats like they were their prize possession!

Sometimes I think we forget how special our daddies really are… it can be as simple as letting your little boys wear your hats… to give them security, connection and pride!

We all wear lots of “hats” everyday…. “mom hat”, “dad hat”, “sister hat”, “brother hat”, “spouse hat”, as you wear your many hats… remember you are connected to a Heavenly Father that loves you very much!  He is proud of you and wants you to feel loved and secure!

2 Comments on “My Dad has a Hat!

  1. Thank you Pastor Tammy for making my day!!

    • Your grandchildren brighten my life!! They were so cute wearing their dad’s hats!!!

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