He Makes All Things New

I want to talk about recycling – good for the environment and it provides a renewable supply of resources. When you recycle your bottles and cans, you give the opportunity for those resources to be broken down and refashioned, to be made new, and used for a great purpose.


Our Father is in the business of making things new. This year, we are asking the community to partner with us (the church) to provide opportunities for students in Grades Nine through Twelve to go to camp. You may be providing an opportunity for a young person to meet Jesus for the first time, or the tenth time, and through that encounter to be made new.

Our Senior High Local Initiatives Mission Team is asking you to donate recyclable bottles and cans to help raise money for our first ever Teen Camp (happening August 23-28, stay tuned for more details). With your generous donations, we hope to send at least fifty teens to camp who:

1) may not know Jesus,

2) may not be able to afford it, and/or

3) have a friend who has invited them to join.

There’s a trailer just outside the Youth Wing you can feel free to drop-off donations to help us raise money for this amazing, life and community-changing cause. Thank you for your support and for partnering with us in calling out and raising up a generation who deeply cares for this world.

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