Hello Sweet Summer

Sunshine, warm air, and a break from school. There’s something so beautiful about summer, so refreshing and revitalizing. Similar to the Sabbath God has given us, summer seems to be a time to slow down, rest, and enjoy the beauty and glory God has instilled in this season of our year here in Red Deer.  We here at CrossRoads Kids are eagerly anticipating every minute of it!

We wanted to give you  bit of an idea as to what summer looks like for this ministry, some of our upcoming events and let you know about some of the events we know about going on in Red Deer throughout the summer!

As far as Sunday services go, things look a little different in the summer months. We see a drop in kids and families who regularly attend as people go away on vacation, but we see many new faces as out of town visitors often join our ranks! Our Serve Team families also take vacation and enjoy the time off school, so we see a decrease in the number of leaders we have with us every Sunday. As such, every week in all three services, we combine our Grades 2-3-4 classes into one classroom, and our Kindergarten – Grade 1 classes into another room. Otherwise services look very much the same as the rest of the year! We are so glad that we get to continue getting to know your children and getting to learn about God with them year round!

CrossRoads Kids will be participating in a few very fun events this summer as well.

  • The first one on our calendar is Praise in the Park, happening July 5th from 3:00-8:00 at Bower Ponds. From 3:00-4:00 CrossRoads Kids will be welcomed onto the stage by Dave Grobe and the band, and we will get to sing some of the songs we have been singing and dancing to in Worship time during Sunday school! It will be so fun to see them back up on stage after they loved it so much on Mother’s Day!
  • We will be organizing Summer Fun Days, which are events set up for families from both our K-6 ministry upstairs and the Pre-Kindergarten ministry downstairs to come and meet, visit, play and hang out together. July 7th we will be at the Heritage Ranch Playground from 2:00 to 4:00, hanging out and playing games. We will have an ice-cold treat for you, and if you want to bring snacks for your family we’ll have a great time! We’ll get together August 18th as well from 5:30-8:00 for a fire at the McKenzie Trail Picnic Shelter. We will provide drinks for you and your family, just bring your own hot dogs and a potluck side or dessert to share with everyone! We are so looking forward to getting to know you and your families a little better!
  • We will not have 56ers July 12 or August 2 this summer, just as a heads up for you parents of Grade 5 and 6 students!
  • July 19 as part of Westerner Days, there will be a Morning of Faith non-denominational service on the Westerner grounds. No gate admission will be charged to those who attend the 10:30 service, although you will have to pay for parking and ride tickets or wristbands if you want to take in the fair after the service.
  • We only have two Remember and Celebrate Sundays left in our curriculum year! July 12 we will be focusing on the Feast of Tabernacles, which was when God’s people celebrated with thanksgiving, remembering God’s many blessings! They lived in tents for seven days, which reminded them that this life on earth is temporary, and that everything we could ever dream of will be one day brought to reality in our future home and eternal life with Jesus! Praise the Lord! On August 30, which is the last Sunday of our CrossRoads Kids year, we will Remember and Celebrate the Festival of Jubilee. This festival is very exciting so I think we’ll have a blog post with more detail a little later this summer!
  • September 6 we will be moving our classes up to their new grades! We are sad to say goodbye to our Grade 6 students, and we are so excited to welcome our new little Kindergartens! What a year God has in store for us! Our curriculum is looking great, and God is going to do big things in our little ones!

If you have ever wondered what we do up here on a Sunday, or if you would be interested in serving in Children’s Ministry, our team would love to get you some more information! We run year round and we would love to see new faces and hearts for children and for the Lord serving Him the way we get to every week!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and God is good all the time! We cannot wait to see how much God has in mind for this ministry not only this summer, but in the next year! Thank you, Lord, for the blessing that these children are to us, and thank you that we get to keep on watching them grow to love you!

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