LA Team Upcoming Share Night

Whew, what a whirlwind! The LA trip has come and gone, but the impact of those two weeks lives on in us all.

Lets rewind a little bit… imagine, it’s July 17 at 5:30 in the morning, you see 16 bright eyed teenagers full of excitement, anticipation, and a little bit of fear all gathered around, unaware to all that was about to unfold in the coming days ahead. That rainy day in July we left as a group of practically strangers, a rather odd mish mosh of students and leaders, who had no idea what God had in store for us, but we were excited!


11755295_10153403261223950_6033984284722015131_nMiles upon miles, countless sing-a-longs, camping in Idaho Falls & a few minor meltdowns later, we arrived in Los Angeles. During our time at the YWAM base in LA we did a lot of work with the homeless community on Skid Row, handing out meals at the Midnight Mission, supporting low income seniors & evangelizing to people who crossed our paths. The YWAMers really stretched us to go outside of our comfort zones and be bold for God. It was so exciting seeing the teens ask questions about their faith, and then putting it into practice on the streets of LA.

I could go on and on for days about how the trip impacted the kids, but I think you’d probably rather hear it from them! Please join us for our share night this Thursday (August 13). We will be sharing highlights from the trip, testimonies of what God did in and through us, as well as a whole bunch of selfies, photos and even a video of our time in LA. For now, enjoy a few snapshots of the trip… see you Thursday!

11755927_10155879976680607_6436756322829278970_n 11824967_10155904106005607_4586094641308543638_n LA mission la

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