Fall: A Time to Learn and Be Thankful!

Fall can be such a letdown after a beautiful summer … or it can be another wonderful time of year!  Think of all the unique things that are happening that you can share with your children!

Leaves are turning, birds are going South, bugs are going underground, frogs are digging deep in the mud! We have nature lessons all around us! It’s also a time to jump in puddles, crunch leaves, wear your sweaters and cuddle a bit more on the couch!

Hopefully,  your bedtime routine comes easier with the sun going down just that little bit earlier everyday! When putting your children to bed, remind them of God’s beautiful world He created for us to enjoy!  Talk about some of your learnings from the day! Discuss ways we can take care of our earth. Thank God for our world! Wait a minute … Pastor Dan has been talking about this; our children need to be constantly reminded of this as well! We are so blessed!

Read Genesis 1:1-31  (“God saw all that He had made, and it was very good!”)

fall paintingearth


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