What Has God Been Doing In Your Life?

Good is good. God is faithful. God blesses. God is in control. God is enough.

Last Sunday was “Remember and Celebrate” Sunday upstairs in CrossRoads Kids, where we ask the questions, “What had God been doing in your life?” and “How have you heard or seen Him working?” We thought you might like to hear some responses from kids and grown-ups too:


– God helped me not to have bad/scary dreams. I prayed to Jesus and He answered my prayers.

– God helps me not to be afraid of the dark.

– God helps me get along with my brother/sister.

– God helped me learn this week in homeschool.

– He helped me hang out and get to know a cousin who doesn’t know Jesus yet.

– I prayed my uncle would find somebody he liked and he did!


– We were worried about the forest fires and are thankful God put them out.

–  My aunt just died, but that God helped my family get through it.

– My sister was choking and I helped her. God saved her.

– When I talk to Jesus He listens. It is my favourite thing to do! (Wahoo!!!)

– God helped heal my ankle upset tummy…hurt foot…broken leg.

– We prayed for harmony in our family and He is answering!

– The memory verse has been going through my head all week and speaking truth to me (Jer. 9:24, Deut. 7:9). (We hear weekly how the memory verse speaks to people).

– The story of Joseph and Ponder Point ‘God is Good’ really impacted me all week.  I think I learned more than the kids last Sunday!  I kept thinking about all the trials I have been through in the last few years, and how God must be up to something really cool in my life, just like He was with Joseph.  The thought of His plan for my life really resonated with me.


Our recent Ponder Points have been: Good is good, God is faithful, God blesses, God is in control, God is Lord of all, and God is enough.

God is working in the lives of our kids, answering prayers and just showing up. Praise Jesus!

Pastor Brenda and team

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