A Weekend Away for Jr. High!

Last weekend 67 of our students packed their bags and headed out to Circle Square Ranch for our annual retreat. From competitive wide games resulting in trips to the hospital for stitches, to riding horses and then being chased by them in the camp’s own version of Mantracker, it proved to be a busy weekend! Yet, somehow through all the chaos of the weekend, the beauty of camp, mixed with the relationships formed there proved to make it all worthwhile.


All through the weekend Pastor James shared with us about identity. He explained three aspects of identity; to belong, to be known and to have purpose. 3 guest speakers also gave some insight into these topics during share times. Jocelyn shared her testimony about finding a place of belonging in God. She shared her experiences of God as an adoptive Father in her life. I (Brooklynn) shared my experiences about being known by God, but also about how it’s important to open up to others and let yourself be known by people around you. One of the teens from camp, Andrew, also shared his testimony with everyone. For a teenager, hearing from adults about life seems normal, but to hear wisdom from a peer means something completely different to an adolescent . Andrew’s testimony spoke of God’s faithfulness in his life. From the buzz that followed his testimony, you could tell that the teens really took to heart what he was saying. It’s inspiring to see God work in the lives of people their own age.  IMG_6742


Weekends like this seem to ignite a spark. A spark to pursue God in a new way, or maybe to start-up a new friendship with someone you didn’t know before. A spark to ignite a passion for a new hobby, or to learn to take life a little more slow. Retreats have a way of making you pause and reflect. They have a way of inspiring and rejuvenating. Thank you God for this time we could spend with You and with each other!

IMG_6726 IMG_6718

IMG_6702 IMG_6701

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