This month, “Life-sized” has been our theme in Jr. High youth. We’ve played life-sized Hungry Hungry Hippos, we popped hundreds of balloons when we brought Mario Kart to life, and last week was life-sized Angry Birds. The energy has been out of this world these past few weeks!

IMG_7190  IMG_7280IMG_7214 IMG_7335  IMG_7410IMG_7463IMG_7420  IMG_7468 IMG_7507 IMG_7149 IMG_7118  IMG_7153 IMG_7167IMG_7113

While the games have been exciting and fun, we’ve also been highlighting lessons from the Old Testament that show us what it means to live with “life-sized” faith. Last week, we learned about Joseph and examined how he built meaningful relationships with God and with others. By looking at Joseph’s life we saw that relationships matter, but that in relationship people will hurt us. Forgiveness is a huge element of friendship. We all deal with situations where we have to exercise grace. Sometimes it’s easier to hold onto hurt, but what happens when we answer the call to let go and let God? This is what life-sized faith looks like. Life-sized faith forgives even when it doesn’t feel like it. Faith that’s real requires us to apply the things we learn at youth. Including those sitting on the outside, stepping up to be a leader and seeking God in all we do, that’s putting faith into action. That’s life-sized.

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