Did you say “Sardine Gingerbread house”?!

Last week was our Christmas Smashup event! Sardines, bread and mayonnaise may not sound like your typical ingredients for a gingerbread house, but last Thursday our students had to get creative! We began the evening by completing challenges to win good building materials. Winners had their choice of gingerbread, candies & icing… losers had to make do with what they were given. Take a look at some of their creations…


It wasn’t enough that we made the houses, we also had to put the “smash” in “Christmas Smashup”. Teens had the opportunity to smash their houses by dropping them from the top tower….

“But why did you smash up those gingerbread delights?”

Good question. Part 4 of our Christmas Smashup called for the losing team to eat the carnage of the destroyed houses. Extra points for Mackenzie who was brave enough to eat 5 big bites of the wreckage… she definitely took one for the team!


Pastor James tied all the chaos together by explaining that God offers us the best gift exchange… Jesus is willing to to take our broken, messy (and sometimes smelly) lives and exchange them for hope, for salvation and for peace on earth here and now. God sent his only Son to save the world, and if we let Him, He takes our smashed up messes and turns them into something beautiful. Have you accepted God’s offer of eternal life? This Christmas you can, and I promise you it will be the best gift you’ve ever received.


Merry Christmas to you from all of us here at junior high youth!!

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