Breakout in Jr. High

There’s been a breakout in junior high!!

Instead of one large scale wide game a week, we have started what we call Breakout Rooms. Essentially this is a bunch of rooms with interests tailored to the teens. On a youth night we have multiple events running so everyone finds a place to connect. Spray painting in the Art Room, relays in the Gym & Just Dance on the Big Screen are just some of the featured events we’ve put on. Baking, nail painting and, of course, video gaming are also staples to the theme room epidemic.

The heart behind these rooms is to make youth group smaller and more personable. We long for youth to be a place of connection and this is just one way we’re trying to foster relationships. Instead of having a group of 130 students all together, we break off into groups ideally of 20 or smaller. These smaller groups breed more meaningful connections and also, with the varying events, every week is new and exciting.

This week’s main attraction is Bingo!! Before you go thinking this is an event for people with grey hair and hip replacements, this is not your average Bingo! Without giving too much away, I can tell you there will be hot sauce, pickle juice and a whole lot of ice cream! Leave the dentures at home & come on out for some Bingo fun, junior high style!


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