One Thing

“All I know is everything I have means nothing, Jesus if you’re not my one thing. Everything I need right now, all I need is you right now” – Hillsong United (One Thing)

This song has played on repeat in my head over and over this week. The truth of these words hits me every time I go over them. All I have, all I do, all that I am is nothing, if Jesus is not my one thing. In him and through him are all things. For me, it’s easy to get focused on task. I have a list and I’m good at scratching things off that list. It’s all too easy to tack Jesus on the end of the things I do, but in doing that, I miss the point.

Life’s not about the things I’ve done, even if they are great things, without God, none of it has any lasting value. The things I say are a waste of breath. The things I do are a waste of energy, if first Jesus is not my one thing.

But where does this fact leave us? I know it leaves me feeling utterly helpless. I can’t make myself feel like God’s my one thing, when there are many other things that fight for my attention. I’ve found that Mark 9 sheds some light on this. Jesus was talking with a father, who asked him to heal his son. Jesus said it was not a matter of him being able to do it, but that all things are possible to those who believe. The father replied, “I believe. Help me in my unbelief”.

“I believe. Help me in my unbelief”.

What a seemingly contradictory statement. He believes, yet he asks for help because he doesn’t. How confusing, and yet, is this not exactly like my own heart? My heart is full of contradictions. I want to love others, yet I fall short. I want to believe, yet often I feel like I drown in unbelief. I long for Jesus to be my one thing, and yet, a million other things get in the way. That is why, this week’s mantra has been, “Jesus you’re my one thing. Help me; be my one thing”. God doesn’t demand perfection, he just asks us to come to him with an honest heart. So how about you? Will you join me this week in addressing the contradictions of your heart? Let’s be honest with God, and say “I believe. Help me in my unbelief”.

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