Remember and Celebrate

This Sunday we had the chance to look back at CrossRoads Kids over the past few months. Wow! God is at work in these kids!

Every 6th and 13th week in CrossRoads Kids is called a Remember and Celebrate Sunday. Usually, on these Sundays, we do a bit of review with the kids of what they have learned since the last Remember and Celebrate, as well as teach them about the Old Testament festival which is assigned to that particular Remember and Celebrate. This time, it was the Festival of Trumpets, which marked the beginning of the Jewish civil year, and which reminded the Israelites of all God had done for them, as well as to be prepared and watchful in the coming year for what God was going to do.

What would the Festival of Trumpets be without trumpet fanfare, a parade, and some very animated musicians tromping around the upstairs hallway, making music to the Lord? The kids were able to praise God by singing and clapping and using their instruments to glorify him! Psalm 98:4 says, “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth; break forth into joyous song and sing praises!” The joy permeated every corner of the Children’s Wing this Sunday as these little ones broke forth into joyous songs and sang praises to the Lord! 

This Remember and Celebrate was particularly special – not only did we have snacks (a HUGE thanks to our fabulous baking team, who made up hundreds of cookies for us!!!) but we had the parents come join us! The parents had a chance to look around the hallway and see all the ways their kids had been interacting with God over the last little while. We also gave them a chance to interact with some of our Worship Response Stations – to talk to God, to recognize who He is, to discover more of who He made them to be, and to apply His Word to their lives.

Our favourite part of Remember and Celebrate Sundays is when the kids share stories of how God is at work in their lives and in the lives of those around them. We have time set aside both in the classroom and in the Theater to give the kids a chance to share what God is doing. It is so great to hear what the kids are seeing God do, and to see them more and more warming up to the idea that God is real and active in their lives. We are often blown away by the things kids are seeing and hearing – God is so Good!


Sharing His story.

We are so blessed to see these children week in and week out as they learn to recognize God’s voice and work in their lives. It is such a privilege to see them growing and maturing into little images of Christ as they begin to understand truth and grasp the weight and meaning of God’s steadfast love for us. What a joy – to be part of “starting children off in the way they should go” (Proverbs 22:6). Thank you for allowing us to support you and your family as you honour and glorify the Lord together!

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