Encouraging Mindful use of Modern Technology

  1. Glued http://www.glued.to/

What it is: An app that (ironically) wants you to spend less time with your smartphone. It’s especially pertinent since a recent study shows that 50% of teens think they’re addicted to their devices.

Why it’s good: Smart devices are simply tools, and how they impact our lives depend on how we use them, thus the need for helpful apps like Glued that encourage mindful use of modern technology. Remember, you are smarter than your smartphone! Create good technology habits within your family, even if you don’t choose to use this app. Ask your students how they feel about the amount of time they spend with their devices. Also, ask them how their devices are making life more manageable, and how their devices might be making life more disjointed and chaotic.


Check out this great blog for more relevant topics to discuss with your teens:



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