Some Changes to Youth Ministry for Fall 2016


Many of you may have heard rumour that we have been working on a new youth ministry structure for CrossRoads youth ministry and we want you to know that the rumour is true. Since Pastor Rob Mudde transitioned out of Jr. High into Young Adults we have sensed it would be a good time to think through what we believe is the best for the future of Youth Ministries here at CrossRoads. For the last ten years our Youth Ministry has operated under the same  structure where Junior High Youth is comprised of students in Grades 7-9 and Senior High Youth is students in Grades 10-12. As we have been collecting information, praying and seeking Jesus we have landed on a new structure that we would like to implement fall of 2016.

We are very excited to announce that we will be shifting our Jr. High structure to welcome students in Grades 7 and 8 and our Sr. High youth will be for students in Grades 9 through 12.


Why the Transition change? Right now we are recognizing that God is giving us significant favour in our city and community in Grades 7 & 8. As we have begun partnering with schools and non-profit organizations in the community, we have almost doubled our weekly attendance in Jr. High. Because of the growth in Jr. High, we feel the need to restructure in order to make room for continued growth and ensure that we can maintain quality ministry through knowing students personally. We also believe that aligning with how the school system transitions students to high school will help us retain our students through the high school years.

Another area that we want to give attention to is our Grade 12 students as they transition to young adulthood. The national statistics suggest that upwards of 60% of students who considered themselves Christians in high school, leave the church during their college and young adult years. Within this restructure we want to give greater attention to helping our Grade 12’s wrestle with their own faith as well as wrestle with things that they will face after high school.

As we look toward to future of youth ministry we feel incredibly blessed with the Youth Center, resources and ministry team God has given us. We believe that it is our job to maximize these three, not only for our own students, but also for the hundreds of students in our community who do not know Christ. Some of this structural change will allow us to offer more diverse programming in addition to our regular youth nights. We hope to continue to develop partnerships with schools and other non-profits for further ministry opportunities as well as create small groups and programming for students who cannot attend Wednesday/Thursday night, or those who may struggle with large group settings.

We will do our best to keep you informed about these transitions and we desire for this new structure to be a smooth transition for our students and families. As we look to make this change to our youth ministry we also believe that we need to make a few staffing changes that would best help transition and help move us forward in our new structure.

  • Pastor James Choi will be moving into the role of Pastor of Sr. High Families, and he will give leadership to students in Grades 9-11.
  • Pastor Jordan Cavanaugh will be taking on the role of Lead Pastor of Student Ministries. His primary role will be to give leadership to our Grade 12 students and provide leadership to the Youth Ministry team and department.
  • We will immediately begin looking to fill the role of Pastor of Jr. High families for the fall of 2016.



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