Young Adults Mission Trip in Tanzinai

Our young adults team doesnt have much time to wait on slow internet so they are sending messages to me, and I will post them on here.

May 13 – GO! In 15.75 hours the team will depart and be on route to Africa. We ask that you pray! As we look forward to the adventure that awaits!

May 14 – We’ve landed in Montreal and on route to Zuirch. These are our lay over faces!


May – 15  Today, we read Ephesians 3:14-21 in the alps of Switzerland as we awaited to board our flight to DAR. As I lead this team, I pray God fully activates them to grasp such love, beyond knowledge, and sows seeds of love into the lives around them. For example, we walked towards our gate and in the processes helped a middle aged lady to her gate. As the tears rolled down her cheeks she said in broken English, “…thank-you.” In the little moments, we believe as a team that God calls us to love and so we send our love from the Zurich airport!

Please continue to pray and join us in this journey as we activate God’s love!

May -15  Landed in DAR! In the 33 hours of travel there has been lots of prayers answered, so a HUGE thank you for praying for the team. Next stop will be the highly anticipated 11-17 hour drive to Tabora! Why the vast hour range? We are now on AFRICA time! So, if you don’t hear from us it is because we no longer have wifi. Blessing!

May – 16   After a 20 hour bus ride, we have arrived! Off to the market and orphanage today! We are believing for miracles and encounters today! Also, please continue to pray for the team and especially Dan’s missing luggage. We love you and miss you!!

May – 18  In the eyes of the orphans, I see a glimmer of hope. At first I watch a degree of discomfort due to the language barrier. I witness a deep desire to engage with the children and I see glimpses of this as a ball or frisbee is thrown back and forth. Then the team teaches the children how to play mini stick hockey, which to my surprise grants full engagement. The players kick up the dust and the crowd of fellow teammates and children begin to chant. There is an eruption of laughter and joy, I can feel a deeper connection as the smiles are contagious.

The dust of Tanzania settles and we are invited into their home to eat a meal. We are served rice and small dried fish, as the taste is unique and our tastebuds reject it. Though we eat it and for some of the team, I watch them conquer something new or even hard. The children giggle as they watch us attempt to swallow bites of our dinner. Again, the joy and laughter erupt from the walls of the home. In between broken English and Swahili, we declare God’s love and goodness upon them [Psalm 23:6].

There has been a common theme, which revolves around love and transformation. In the days ahead, we will be interacting within the villages surrounding Tabora and creating a short film about the villagers. It’s a honour to be here and we can feel your prayers as we go out into the dust and dirt of Tanzania.



2 Comments on “Young Adults Mission Trip in Tanzinai

  1. So proud of you guys! I just love it when young adults enjoy doing Kingdom work!!! God is smiling on you! 🙂

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