Teen Camp – wrapping it up

Just like its beginning, Teen Camp ended with flop (or should we say, “a slop”). Cabins collected points all week from the games and activities and cleaning their cabins and the cabin with the most points got to choose a leader to “schmuck” on the last day! Leader Chad Nixon was chosen to be covered in shaving cream, head to toe, and then doused with icy cold water. 

The teens loved this and eventually convinced Pastor Jordan Cavanaugh to join as well. 

Pastor Amy Miller from Living Stones Church  wrapped up the week of camp with a great illustration during chapel about Giant Redwood Trees. 

The seed represented an experience with Jesus. Most students described a moment they had with God during the week that was new or memorable. Amy reminded students that the seed is only the beginning, and that after one experience with God we should not just stop there. 

In order to become a Giant Redwood, the seed needs to grow. Amy explained that these giant trees don’t just get giant overnight. Giant Redwoods can live up to thousands of years.  Like the Christian Faith, these giant trees require a lot of time and a process to become as tall as they do and grow as strong as they do. Amy described a great recipe for growth:

1. Soak in the Son-light. Every seed needs sunlight to start growing and keep growing. The Son – Spend time with Jesus. Get to know His voice, talk to Him, listen and wait to hear from Him. 

2. Drink deeply from scripture (truth). Every plant needs water to grow and keep growing. We need to dive into scripture for living water. God’s truth will remind us of His love and His plans for us, even when we may not feel Him near. 

3. Grow together. Did you know Giant Redwood Trees can get up to 400ft tall? Yet the roots of these giant trees only go 4-10ft down into the ground. What keeps them from being my blown over and uprooted in the storms? These giant redwood trees grow together via their roots intertwining. Without the strength of support of another giant’s root system, these redwood trees are susceptible to falling over and dying. Amy reminded students that the storms of life WILL come (John 16:33) and that is important to be rooted in Christ with other believers. During those tough times, other believers will remind you of God’s goodness and His promises and His plans… They will help you stay rooted and grow strong. 

Following this great message, students were sent to spend time in their cabins to discuss what this could mean for once they get back home. 

One student told me, “I was really encouraged by the friendships I made this week and feel like school will be great with strong friends to help me get through.”

It was such a great week out at Rivers Edge and many are looking forward to next year already! 

We’re so grateful to our many sponsors who made the week a huge success! 

Central Alberta Youth Unlimited sponsored our paintball activity.

Prairie College sponsored transportation to and from the lake for Beach Day. The community at CrossRoads Church and Living Stones sponsored boats, drivers and tubes to make the day a huge success. 

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