Parenting against the Internet

This is an excerpt from’s The Culture Translator (Vol. 2, Issue 39 | September 30, 2016 )

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What it is: Yesteryear’s parents taught their kids not to pass mean notes in class, how “words could never hurt them,” and not to look in Uncle John’s closet for fear they’d find his magazines. Today’s parents face the same underlying issues, just in very different ways and with higher frequency and accessibility, thanks to the Internet, which is why parental awareness and guidance is needed now more than ever.

Why it’s needed: As Real Simple points out, “Young adults, adolescents, and little kids are all ‘digital natives,’ born into a world where connections are formed and life is lived online. They will be exposed to the negative realities of the Internet.” Though this new terrain seems wild and scary, we must stay ahead of the curve for the sake of our children. A gadget called Circle helps set Internet limits. An app called OurPact also helps with that. This article will help you understand the Internet’s addictive nature. Fight The New Drug helps guard against porn. Above all, having continual conversations about what we do or do not allow into our minds and hearts is key!

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