Daddies, Daughters and Ice Cream! Yeehaw!


Monday night…. 6:30….. Cowboys and their Pre-K  daughters  came pouring into the chapel at CrossRoads Church!  A night of  activities, a craft, dancing  and a giant ice cream sundae was part of the evening to unfold!  Cowboy hats, chaps, bandanas and boots were the fashion of the evening.  30 Dads, 1 Grandpa and 33 “Cowgirls”  made up the special event!  A big “Thank You ” goes out to our helpers… Peggy Kingcott, Marcia Bowler, Jaqi Tiechroeb, Helena Bowler, Dave Grobe and Chris Smith! We hope you enjoy a few of the snapshots from this fun night! A “Big Thank You”  to Cindy Bourn for the delicious cookies as well!

img_9462img_9545img_9567img_9450img_9511Fun was had by all!!img_9495


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