Junior High Youth FUN

if you’re a Grade 7 or 8 student who HASN’T been joining us for Youth Group, you may not know just how much you’re missing out on! We’ve had many great events week to week at Youth on Thursday nights (meet in the Youth Wing 7pm-845) as well as some weekend and off-site events.

Check out this past week at Youth Group where we competed in our small groups in different challenges designed to build teamwork and comradery!

Besides all the fun of great activities, there is intentional time spent in our small groups to get to know one another and talk about the real things of life – struggles AND triumphs! Pastor Jordan shares a message and encourages students to grow.


Our first Junior High Retreat of the year was out at Circle Square Ranch, and although it was a little chilly, students took part in EPIC outdoor games like ManTracker (with real horses chasing them down).


We spent time hearing from God’s word in Chapel, eating great food and snacks, and just being silly and playing games in the Lodge. It was a fun weekend away where we all learned something and students were encouraged to ask God any questions they had.


Be sure to check out our webpage for information on upcoming events:


and DEFINITELY head to our Youtube Channel for awesome videos from youth group as well as games and challenges for upcoming weeks at Youth!


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